Committee on Informing the Public

The membership of the Committee on Informing the Public consists of nine (9) persons selected by the Committee on Committees and appointed by the President-Elect to staggered three-year terms. The President-Elect appoints the Chair from among the members. The committee provides oversight of the Society's public outreach and media relations activities while also seeking mechanisms to encourage or facilitate public outreach by APS members. Committee members also suggest future activities, approaches, and outreach opportunities, as well as possible external funding sources. The committee recommends to the Council the allocation of financial resources among membership and APS initiated activities at least once a year.

Chair: Chad R Orzel (01/20 - 12/20)
Union College

Member: Dr. Steven Michael Goldfarb (01/18 - 12/20)
Univ of Melbourne

Member: Bronson Messer (01/18 - 12/20)
Oak Ridge National Lab

Member: Michael Scott Smith (01/17 - 12/21)
Oak Ridge National Lab

Member: Arturo Dominguez (01/19 - 12/21)
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Member: Enrique Cobas (01/19 - 12/21)
United States Naval Research Laboratory

Member: Dr. Maria Longobardi (01/20 - 12/22)

Member: Dr. Don Lincoln (01/20 - 12/22)

Member: Sean W Fleming (01/20 - 12/22)
Oregon State Univ

Staff Advisor
James Roche

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The American Physical Society is a volunteer-driven organization. Since 1899, physicists have contributed their time and resources to running the APS in cooperation with a minimal full-time staff. Volunteers are the backbone of the Society. They form the character and direct the Society's progress and development. All APS committees operate on a calendar year basis and committee terms run from January 1 through December 31.

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