Council of Representatives

The Council shall focus on all matters of science and membership, including science policy. Responsibilities of the Council, subject to the ultimate oversight and direction of the Board, shall include:

  • Establishment and oversight of the publications of the Society
  • Approval of policy statements and science strategy of the Society
  • Election of nine Councilors to the Board
  • Election of the Speaker of the Council
  • Scientific meetings and conferences
  • Admission of Members and election of Fellows and the standards and requirements for membership and Fellowship
  • All prizes and awards, and other honors bestowed by the Society
  • Final approval of any amendment to the Constitution & Bylaws
  • Any other responsibilities that relate to the scientific mission of the Society and are referred to the Council by the Board, or that are raised by the Council on its own motion or in response to requests by Councilors or Members

Councilors (2023)

Eric Mazur
Harvard University
Chair, POPA

Josè Onuchic
Rice University
Chair, Nominating Committee

Councilors (2020 - 2023)

Jim Adams (CSC)
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics
Assigned Councilor for GIMS

James Freericks (CSC)
Georgetown University
Division of Computational Physics
Assigned Councilor for GDS

William Halperin
Northwestern University
Division of Condensed Matter Physics
Assigned Councilor for GCCM

Beverly Karplus Hartline (Board)
Montana Technological University
Forum on Physics and Society
Assigned Councilor for FDI

Heinrich Jaeger
University of Chicago
Division of Soft Matter

Ursula Keller
ETH Zurich
International Councilor

Robert McKeown (Board, Speaker, and CSC)
Jefferson Laboratory and College of William and Mary
General Councilor

LaNell Williams (Board)
Harvard University
Forum on Graduate Student Affairs

Councilors (2021 - 2024)

Manuela Campanelli
Rochester Institute of Technology
Division of Gravitational Physics

Tanja Cuk
University of Colorado, Boulder
Division of Chemical Physics
Assigned Councilor for GERA

Nadia Fomin
University of Tennessee
Southeastern Section
Assigned Councilor for SFW, SMAS, SEGL, S4CS, SMAS

Daniel Fisher
Stanford University
Division of Biological Physics
Assigned Councilor for GSNP and GMED

Gabriela Gonzalez (CSC)
Louisiana State University
General Councilor

Karen Hallberg (Board and CSC)
Instituto Balseiro, Argentina
International Councilor

Laurie McNeil (Board)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Forum on Education
Assigned Councilor for GPER and FOEP

Peter Schiffer (Board, Speaker-Elect)
Princeton University
Division of Materials Physics
Assigned Councilor for GMAG

Karen Winey
University of Pennsylvania
Division of Polymer Physics

Councilors (2022 - 2025)

Omololu Akin-Ojo
University of Rwanda
International Councilor

Kandice Tanner (Board)
National Institutes of Health
General Councilor

Brian Fields
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Division of Astrophysics

John Wilkerson (Board)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Division of Nuclear Physics
Assigned Councilor for GFB

Robert Bernstein
Division of Particles & Fields
Assigned Councilor for GHP

Kenneth Brown
Duke University
Division of Quantum Information

Xuan Chen
Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences & Education
Forum on Early Career Scientists

Catherine Westfall
Michigan State University
Forum on the History and Philosophy of Physics

William Barletta (Board)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Forum on International Physics

Councilors (2023 - 2026)

Xun-Li Wang
International Councilor
City University of Hong Kong

Nai-Chang Yeh
General Councilor
California University of Technology

David Weiss
Division of Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics
Pennsylvania State University
Assigned Councilor for GPMFC

Howard Stone
Division of Fluid Dynamics
Princeton University
Assigned Councilor for GPC

Bruce Carlsten
Division of Physics of Beams
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Michael Brown
Division of Plasma Physics
Swarthmore College
Assigned Councilor for GPAP

Kenneth Podolak
New York State Section
Assigned Councilor for NES, NWS, TSAPS, PSAPS

Kristan Corwin
National Institute of Standards and Technology Boulder
Division of Laser Science

Presidential Line, Treasurer, and Editor in Chief (2023)

Robert Rosner (Board and CSC)
University of Chicago

Young-Kee Kim (Board)
Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor & Chair
The University of Chicago

John Doyle (Board)
Harvard University
Vice President

Frances Hellman (Board)
University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Past President

David G. Seiler (Board)
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Randall Kamien (Board)
University of Pennsylvania
Editor in Chief



Robin Selinger (Past Speaker, CSC)
Kent State University

(Board) designates members of the Board of Directors
(CSC) designates members of the Council Steering Committee

Nominees for and holders of APS Honors (prizes, awards, and fellowship) and official leadership positions are expected to meet standards of professional conduct and integrity as described in the APS Ethics Guidelines. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from consideration or lead to revocation of honors or removal from office.