Changes to APS Governance and Leadership Structures


By a large margin, members of the American Physical Society voted to adopt new Articles of Incorporation and a revised Constitution & Bylaws. Of members who voted, 94.1% voted in favor of governance changes, while 5.9% were opposed. A total of 8,101 ballots were cast, which represents a membership participation of 16.74%, similar to past APS general elections.

Summary of Changes

iconExecutive Board becomes Board of Directors, with overall responsibility for matters of governance and finance. Only elected Directors have votes (Presidential Line, Treasurer, nine Council members including Speaker of Council).

iconiconCouncil becomes Council of Representatives, chaired by new Speaker, and will focus on all matters of science and membership, including science policy, prizes and awards, Units, membership, etc. Council of Representatives elects nine directors to Board of Directors.

iconA new position of CEO, appointed by Board of Directors as single point of overall responsibility for day-to-day operations and to create greater coherence across all operations. Nonvoting member of Board of Directors.

iconEditor in Chief to be jointly appointed by CEO and Board of Directors, with responsibility for scientific journals. Reports to CEO but also nonvoting member of Board of Directors.

iconNew position of Treasurer directly elected by members to serve on Board of Directors and Council of Representatives to provide overall financial oversight. CEO will define and staff senior positions, expected to include Publisher and Chief Financial Officer.

iconOriginally adopted in November 1914, Articles of Incorporation to be amended and restated. Essential for legal nonprofit status in District of Columbia. Constitution and Bylaws modernized into single document with operational details in Policies and Procedures manuals.

Foundational Documents

Gray Arrow Revised Constitution & Bylaws
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