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Centennial Campaign

The Development Department spearheaded the effort to raise funds for a number of events and projects related to the APS Centennial in 1999.

Century of Physics Timeline and Web Site

A Century of Physics, created by the American Physical Society, is a dramatic timeline wallchart which depicts the past hundred years in the history of physics. The series is comprised of 11 posters with each panel measuring 26" by 40". The educational timeline was distributed free of charge to over 20,000 high schools, colleges, universities, corporate and governmental labs as well as science museums and libraries in the United States. The poster series was accompanied by a teacher's resource guide that was designed to provide instructional information on how to use the timeline wallchart: A Century of Physics. The guide included suggestions for hands-on activities, a desk-top version of the timeline, references for further research and sample discussion questions which can be used by classroom teachers.

In addition to the hard copy version of the poster series, an on-line version of A Century of Physics was created to expand the amount of information available and allow for a more-in depth exploration of physics discoveries and their application to our world. Numerous organizations sponsored the timeline wallchart. Lucent Technologies, the primary sponsor of the wallchart, donated funds to cover printing costs; The National Science Foundation and Department of Energy contributed funds for its distribution and the United Parcel Service paid for packaging and shipping; the Lounsbery Foundation supported the writing and printing of the Teacher's Resource Guide. IBM sponsored the development of the timeline website.

Fernbank Museum Gala

A gala buffet dinner celebrating the Centennial of the establishment of the American Physical Society and the accomplishments of 20th century physics was held at Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta on March 21, 1999. Centennial Meeting participants joined their colleagues in celebrating the Society's 100th anniversary. Guests included Nobel laureates, foreign physical society presidents, and U.S. dignitaries. Local representatives from the State of Georgia and metropolitan Atlanta also joined the APS in this special celebration.

The evening was comprised of several showings of "Cosmic Voyage" in the IMAX Theatre and entertainment offered by Lynda Williams the "Physics Chanteuse", as well as science magician Bob Friedhoffer.

Numerous organizations contributed to the gala buffet dinner at the Fernbank Museum of National History. Primary sponsors included the American Institute of Physics, The Beacon Group, Herbert V. Friedman, and Hartford Life. Additional sponsors included Hebert L. Jamison & Co., Chroma Graphics, Inc., and Global Mail Ltd.

Nobel Laureate Luncheon

The Coca-Cola Company and the APS jointly hosted the Nobel Laureate luncheon on Saturday, March 20 during the Centennial meeting to promote and highlight the importance of science education. The invitation only luncheon honored outstanding high school science teachers from each state as well as science teachers and students from Atlanta, Georgia. More than 40 Nobel Prize winners in physics and chemistry joined the students and teachers offering a wonderful opportunity to interact with each other. Delta Airlines sponsored the travel of selected dignitaries to the Centennial meeting.

Microscapes Exhibit

Lucent Technologies sponsored an exhibit entitled Microscapes: The Hidden Art of High Technology, featuring 50 photographs that explore the convergence of art and technology, created in collaboration with the scientists and researchers of Lucent/Bell Laboratories. The exhibition has been shown in museums, art centers and universities through the US and abroad. The photographs include topics such as fiber optic illumination of a silicon chip for echo-free conversations, a computer-simulated "fingerprint" of a superconductor, and a scanning electron micrograph of sulfur crystals.