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Excellence in Physics Education Award

The Excellence in Physics Education Award was established in 2007 by the APS Forum on Education. It is usually presented to a team or group of individuals who have exhibited a sustained commitment to excellence in physics education, but on exceptional occasions it is awarded to a single individual.

The award consists of:

  • A $5000 monetary award;
  • A certificate citing the achievements of the group or individual;
  • A travel allowance for up to three people to attend and speak at the APS April Meeting where the award is presented.

Howard Matis"Physicists are traditionally rewarded by publishing in professional journals. Those who direct some of their efforts so that the public can be informed about the latest discoveries frequently do not get as much recognition. Thus I was so thrilled when the American Physical Society presented the Excellence in Physics Education Award to the Contemporary Physics Education Project. At the award ceremony, I was treated as an equal to the giants of our field. Through this award, I felt that my efforts to tell the world of the amazing knowledge that has been unearthed by physicists have been wonderfully rewarded. Furthermore, by having a continuing award, I know that the achievements of my peers, who produce outstanding educational materials, will be similarly recognized."

Howard Matis
Contemporary Physics Education Project
Winner of the 2017 Excellence Award

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