Advancing Graduate Leadership

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Do you identify as a woman or gender minority graduate student or postdoc and want to expand your network, discover collaboration opportunities, receive mentor and professional development training, and support others seeking leadership roles? If so, then please consider participating in Advancing Graduate Leadership (AGL) activities!

AGL is a new program where APS has partnered with the Heising-Simons Foundation to provide opportunities for women and gender minority graduate students and postdocs to:

  1. Expand networking, strengthen retention, and provide opportunities for future research and other collaborations throughout the community
  2. Provide mentor training and professional development training for those pursuing physics graduate studies
  3. Support individuals in seeking leadership roles at their own institutions and in the broader community, where they train others and are recognized for their efforts


Did you know?

  • Only 21% of the total number of physics bachelor’s degrees that were awarded in 2018 were earned by women?
  • Only 20% of the total PhDs awarded in 2018 were to women?
  • Only 12% of Full Professors of physics are women?

Upcoming Events

AGL Professional Skills Development Workshops: December 2021 - June 2022

AGL Mentor Training Workshops: February 7-10, 2022

Advancing Graduate Leadership Conference: Moved to later in 2022

The activities within AGL are open to individuals who do not identify as cisgender men. We encourage participation of cisgender women, gender non-binary individuals, and transgender individuals.

Heising-Simons Foundation

Data on this page is provided by the AIP Statistical Research Center (women in physics report)