Professional Development Guidebook

Professional Development Guidebook

Why Start Planning Now?

Because What You Don't Know Can Hurt You 

In the course of earning their degrees, most physics majors are only exposed to academic mentors. Yet, according to the AIP Statistical Research Center, less than 20% of graduating Ph.D.s will go on to permanent employment in academia.

However, less than 5% of physics graduates at all levels are unemployed. The majority of graduates at all degree levels find employment in the private sector--using their engineering and computer science skills to do analysis, write code, and develop products. Or, in the case of Ph.D.s, doing physics research to develop new processes and products for the market. 

So, a well-prepared job seeker will be aware of all of their many options, long before graduation, so that they can build a wide range of skills and experience that will make their job prospects virtually limitless. The time to start is now!