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Do Physicists Find Jobs? What Do They Do?
Often when people think about physicists, they picture Einstein, or someone teaching a physics class in a university. However, the truth is there are physicists everywhere, often working in the places you'd least expect.

APS has put together a library of profiles featuring physicists working in a variety of jobs—everything from comedy writing to walking in space! Each profile includes information on the person's current job, what they like and what they find challenging about their profession, and how they got where they are today.
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We also have a "job prospects" section which tells you about the most common career paths for physicists, and provides information on what a typical day in that profession is like, what education you need to get there, and even how much each job pays! Click on the link below to explore.
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Preparing for a Career in Physics

Get Excited About Physics!
Physics is the study of how the universe works—and Physics Central is a great gateway to learning more about it, with lots of cool experiments, pictures, podcasts, and much more!
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Take Math
Enroll in all the prealgebra, algebra, advanced algebra, and precalculus courses your school has to offer. A good, strong background in math will help you tremendously in a physics career.

Read Physics
Read books by well-recognized physicists such as:

  • The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene
  • A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking
  • Flying Circus of Physics, by Jearl Walker

Reading these books and others about the lives of these physicists will spark your interest in the fascinating world of physics

Do the Science
Physics can be a lot of fun. Get involved in science fairs and other extra-curricular science activities. Expose yourself to as much science as possible. Do your own experiments. You'll discover the areas of physics that really excite you.

Find a Mentor
Find someone you can talk to about physics and what interests you. Mentors can answer questions about your experiments as well as career decisions. Talk to a teacher, professor, or graduate student. Start at your school, but also check the physics departments at local colleges and universities.

Explore Physics

Learn more about the exciting world of physics on PhysicsCentral.

Dark Matter Simulation

This is a computer simulation mapping the distribution of dark matter in a volume of space. Click on the picture to find out more!

Physics: True or False?

  • Physics will lower your GPA.
  • You won't miss anything skipping physics.
  • Only advanced students can handle it.
  • Physics is just for boys. (C'mon!)

Get the Facts

5 Myths About High School

"5 Myths About High School Physics" is a resource for physics advocates that helps address harmful preconceptions that students and those that advise them often have about physics. It is intended for high school students and anyone who advises them―teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and others.

5 Myths

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