Career Fair FAQs

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Must I be an APS member in order to participate in the Career Fair?

No, you do not need to be an APS member to register. However, you will need a account (you can sign up for free) to login and register for the Career Fair through the link provided on the Virtual Career Fair webpage.

How will I have access to the virtual Gather.Town space?

  • All participants (recruiters and job seekers/prospective grad students), will receive a logistics email 2 days prior to the event with instructions on how to join the Gather.Town platform.
  • Job seekers and prospective grad students can participate in an orientation that will train them on resume writing skills and interviewing skills on September 8. After you register, be on the lookout for an additional email containing orientation details.
  • Once recruiters purchase a booth and submit materials, they will receive a link to test and review the booths between the timeframe of September 7-9. Please submit any final changes during this time. Recruiters can also participate in a separate orientation on September 9 that will provide training on how to navigate the Gather.Town interface.

How do I see a listing of all job postings?

On the days of the event, simply visit the employers on the Gather.Town platform and click on the link provided to view the jobs, or visit the main bulletin board in the Gather space.

How do I request an interview/apply?

On the days of the event, you can visit the employers on the Gather.Town platform, or follow instructions listed on the job postings.

Where will job fair interviews be conducted?

Employers will independently schedule and conduct private virtual interviews with job seekers.

Can employers or graduate programs contact me after the Career Fair?

Yes. If you fill out the registration form and agree to it, your information will be shared with employers or graduate programs who may contact you following the event.

Will job postings also be posted on the main APS Job Board?

This event will be run as a standalone event, and job postings associated with it will not be posted on the main APS Job Board. However, as a Career Fair recruiter, you will be given a 25% discount on any 30 day job fair package on the APS Job Board.

How many recruitment staff can be in the booth at the Career Fair?

It is advised that no more than 3 people should be in the booth from each organization at any given time to avoid confusion. However, the total number of staff attending the event may be larger as different people may need to staff the booth on different days/times.

Didn't See Your Question?

Email Lesley-Ann Rennie (, APS Job Fair Coordinator, for all employer or attendee related inquiries. Email Midhat Farooq (, Careers Program Manager, for all graduate program or attendee related inquiries.