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Making major gains in energy efficiency is one of the most economical and effective ways our nation can wean itself off its dependence on foreign oil and reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases.oil tanker

Energy Future: Think Efficiency Report

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Table of Contents

gray arrow Acknowledgements PDF document

Study Group Members and Staff, Review Panel Members, APS Officers, Expert Advisors (5pp).

gray arrow Executive Summary PDF document

Description of report background, findings, objectives, and recommendations (20pp).

gray arrow Graphics Gallery PDF document

Quick glance of all tables, charts, and diagrams included in the report and their locations (2pp).

gray arrow Chapter 1: Introduction PDF document

Report goals, definitions, and purpose (9pp).

gray arrow Chapter 2: Transportation PDF document

Opportunities and challenges posed by the transportation sector (24pp).

gray arrow Chapter 3: Buildings PDF document

Technological potential for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in commercial buildings and homes (50pp).

gray arrow Chapter 4: Research and Policy Highlights PDF document

Highlighting key opportunities for R&D and identifying needed public policies (16pp).