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The RTF Template

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What is RTF Template?
RTF stands for Rich Text Format.  RTF documents can be read by a most word processors but they are harder to process than plain text.

When to Use the RTF Template
LaTeX abstracts are easier to process than RTF Template submissions.

  • Only use the RTF Template if you do not know how to create equations or insert special symbols using the LaTeX form.
  • If your document is plain text still use the LaTeX option.  LaTeX accepts plain text well and performs better than the RTF Template.

RTF Template Tips

Entering Your Abstract into the RTF Template

  • Use Microsoft Word for editing the RTF Template.
      ·  PC Users: Do not use WordPad or you will not be able to upload your abstract.
    · Mac Users: Do not use TextEdit or you will not be able to upload your abstract.
  • Type your abstract directly into the RTF template where it says Replace this text with your abstract body.
  • If you copy and paste your abstract from another document, you must paste unformatted text, or you will paste formatting and styles that will prevent the RTF template from parsing correctly.
  • Save your document as an .rtf file.

Formatting Your Abstract
Allow the RTF Template to do the formatting for you!

  • Titles are automatically bolded.
    · Do not "bold" or italicize your title.
  • Titles are automatically uppercased.
    · Use normal capitalization for authors and titles.
    · Do not enter all CAPS.
    · Do not enter all lowercase letters.
  • Enter your abstract as one paragraph. 
    · Do not hit Enter to create multiple paragraphs.
  • Preview your abstract.
    · Proofread for errors now-they are much easier to correct before submission.
    · Text outside the red box means that your abstract is too long.

Entering Mathematical Equations

  • Use MathType or Word's built-in MS Equation Editor 3.0 for math equations
  • Installing Equation Editor:
    1. On the Tool Bar or Ribbon, click Insert.
    2. Select Object
    3. Select Object type: Microsoft Equation 3.0.

Using Word 2007 Documents

  • Word 2007 will open the RTF template in Compatibility Mode. 
  • Do not convert the template from Compatibility Mode to the newer .docx format.
  • Do not convert the RTF Template into the .docx format to use the newer Equation editor.
  • Save your RTF Template abstract as a Rich Text Format .rtf file not as a .docx file.

Downloading the RTF Template

  • Click the Template link.
  • Check Open in Microsoft Word.
  • Use Save As to save the template as an .rtf (Rich Text Format) file.
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