Workshop on Opportunities in Biological Physics

March 12, 2006
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Organized by APS Division of Biological Physics

Biology is a rapidly changing field that has been making tremendous strides forward in recent years. Biology is changing from a descriptive to a quantitative and conceptually profound field.  This workshop will showcase a sample of the rich opportunities in biology for physicists. It is aimed at physicists, especially graduate students and post-docs, who are curious about how a background in physics can provide a unique perspective of biological systems. We believe that physicists will make a substantial contribution to this revolution by working together with biologists.

Invited Speakers

William Bialek Format - PDF

Robijn Bruinsma Format - PDF

Hans Frauenfelder Format - PDF
Los Alamos

Klaus Lehnertz Format - PDF

Yale Goldman Format - PDF

Charles Stevens Format - PDF
Salk Institute

Zuzanna Siwy Format - PDF

Sunney Xie Format - PDF

Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee

Dean Astumian, DBP Vice-Chair
Clare Yu

Members of the Steering Committee

Shirley Chan, DBP Secretary-Treasurer
Ken Cole, APS Liaison
Harold Craighead
Hans Frauenfelder
Marilyn Gunner, DBP Chair-Elect
Steve Hagen, DBP Member-at-Large
Peter Jung, DBP Chair
Herbert Levine, DBP Member-at-Large
Heiner Linke
Denis Rousseau, DBP Past-Chair
Zuzanna Siwy
Xiaowei Zhuang

Financial Support Provided By:

National Science Foundation (NSF)
International Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter(I2CAM)
University of California, Irvine Institute of Complex Adaptive Matter (UCI-ICAM)
Institute of Physics (IOP)