Workshop on Opportunities in Biological Physics

March 4, 2007
Denver Convention Center
Denver, Colorado
Organized by APS Division of Biological Physics

Modern Biomedicine provides a host of research and employment opportunities for physicists. New techniques for monitoring and manipulating complex biological processes at the molecular level promise to revolutionize our ability to understand and control normal and disease states.  This workshop will introduce some of the most exciting recent and prospective areas of this rapidly expanding field. Topics will include tissue mechanics, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, microfluidics and micro-optics. Speakers from academia and industry will provide extensive tutorial overviews, accessible to non-specialists. Breaks and a lunch with speakers will allow ample time for participants to discuss their current and future scientific and career directions with the speakers. The workshop is aimed at all physicists who are curious about the interface between physics and biology, especially graduate students and post-docs who are eager to apply their expertise in novel ways in the life sciences.

Invited Speakers

Chris Chen
Stem Cell Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Andrea Chow
Microfluidics Caliper, LS Corporation

Lance Davidson Format - PDF
Tissue Mechanics, University of Pittsburgh

Bogdan Dragnea Format - PDF
Micro-optics, Indiana University, Bloomington

Russell Higbee Format - PDF
Tissue Engineering, VaxDesign Corporation

ChihMing Ho
Bioengineering, University of California, Los Angeles

Bob Jones Format - PDF
Microfluidics, Fluidigm Corporation

Darren Link
Microfluidics, Raindance Technologies, Inc.

David Stocum Format - PDF
Regenerative Medicine, Indiana U. / Purdue U., Indianapolis

Jennifer West
Tissue Engineering, Rice University

Steering Committee

Chair: James A. Glazier, Vice-Chair, DBP
Committee Members: Shirley Chan, Secretary-Treasurer, DBP
Gabor Forgacs
Stephen Hagen, Member-at-Large, DBP
Steve Quake, Member-at-Large, DBP

Financial Support Provided By:

Agouron Foundation, Fluidigm Corp.