APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session J

J23.00006: Criticality on topologically disordered systems and the Harris criterion
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Hatem Barghathi, Thomas Vojta

J23.00007: The Emergence of Spatial Patterns in Tree Yield: A New Model for the Masting Phenomenon
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Shadisadat Esmaeili, Alan Hastings, Karen Abbott, Jonathan Machta, Vahini Reddy Nareddy

J23.00009: Identifying Suspicious Users and Products to Predict New Opinions
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Sukhwan Chung

J23.00010: Optimal evidence accumulation on social networks
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO GSNP
Bhargav Karamched, Simon Stolarczyk, Kresimir Josic, Zachary Kilpatrick