APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session M

M30.00007: Geometry and kinetics determine the packing structure on evolving surfaces
Sponsor Unit(s): DSOFT DPOLY
Zhaoyu Xie, Christopher Burke, Badel Mbanga, Patrick Spicer, Tim Atherton

M30.00008: Crumple-Origami Transition for Twisting Cylindrical Shells
Sponsor Unit(s): DSOFT DPOLY
Li-Min Wang, Sun-Ting Tsai, Chih-yu Lee, Pai-Yi Hsiao, Jia-Wei Deng, Hung-Chieh Fan Chiang, Yicheng Fei, Tzay-Ming Hong

M30.00010: Braided biopolymer filament bundles produce topologically protected kinks
Sponsor Unit(s): DSOFT DPOLY
Valentin Slepukhin, Maximilian Grill, Qingda Hu, Elliot Botvinick, Wolfgang Wall, Alex Levine