APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session P

P01.00002: Towards a More Sensitive Measurement of the Atomic Electric Dipole Moment of Radium-225
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Roy Ready, Kevin Bailey, Michael Bishof, Donald Booth, Matthew Dietrich, Peter Mueller, Thomas O'Connor, Tenzin Rabga, Jaideep Singh

P01.00003: Modeling a dual-Sagnac interferometer for rotation sensing
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Charles Henry, Stephen Thomas, Robert Sapp, Charles Clark, Mark Edwards

P01.00004: Mechanism for producing smooth flow by stirring a racetrack BEC
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Mark Edwards, Daniel Fogarty, Charles Clark

P01.00010: Realization of a second-generation scheme for dissipative entanglement of hyperfine beryllium-ion qubits
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Daniel Cole, Stephen Erickson, Karl Horn, Florentin Reiter, Panyu Hou, Jenny Wu, Christiane Koch, Andrew Wilson, Dietrich Leibfried