APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session P

P03.00002: Nuclear Quantum Effects in Two-temperature Hydrogen via Orbital-free DFT Path Integral MD
Sponsor Unit(s): GSCCM
Sam Trickey, Dongdong Kang, Kai Luo, Valentin Karasiev, Keith Runge

P03.00005: First Principles Calculations of the Equation of State of MgSiO3 in the Gigabar Regime
Sponsor Unit(s): GSCCM
Felipe Gonzalez, Francois Soubiran, Henry Peterson, Burkhard Militzer

P03.00008: Electron-thermal contribution to the equation of state model based on two-temperature quantum molecular dynamics simulations
Sponsor Unit(s): GSCCM
Lin Yang, John Klepeis, Philip Sterne, Heather Whitley, Shuai Zhang