APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session R

R09.00001: Randomized benchmarking for qudit Clifford gates
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Barry Sanders, Mahnaz Jafarzadeh, Yadong Wu

R09.00003: Proposed Universal Deutsch Gate Circuitry Using GaAs/InAs Quantum Dots
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Paul Bailey, Jean-Francois Van Huele

R09.00009: The resilience of quantum random access memory to generic noise
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Connor Hann, Gideon Lee, Steven Girvin, Liang Jiang

R09.00014: Quantum linear system solver based on time-optimal adiabatic quantum computing and quantum approximate optimization algorithm
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Dong An, Lin Lin