APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session U

U42.00007: Intrinsic spin Nernst effect of magnons in a noncollinear antiferromagnet
Sponsor Unit(s): GMAG FIAP
Bo Li, Shane Sandhoefner, Alexey Kovalev

U42.00009: Phenomenological theory of coherent and incoherent spin currents in antiferromagnetic spin pumping
Sponsor Unit(s): GMAG FIAP
Ran Cheng

U42.00011: Spin Current from sub-Terahertz-generated Antiferromagnetic Magnons
Sponsor Unit(s): GMAG FIAP
Junxue Li, Blake Wilson, Ran Cheng, Mark Lohmann, Marzieh Kavand, Wei Yuan, Mohammed Aldosary, Nikolay Agladze, Peng Wei, Mark Sherwin, Jing Shi

U42.00012: Quantitative Study on Current-Induced Effects in an Antiferromagnet Insulator/Pt Bilayer Film
Sponsor Unit(s): GMAG FIAP
Pengxiang Zhang, Luqiao Liu