APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session W

W01.00002: Strong-Field Ionization in Bicircular Laser Fields
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Jan Chaloupka

W01.00004: Maximal coherence and degree of polarization in linear optical systems
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Asma Al-Qasimi, Daniel James

W01.00005: Generating photon-added states without adding a photon
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Saurabh Shringarpure, James Franson

W01.00006: Limits to Single Photon Detection: Amplification
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Tzula Propp, Steven van Enk

W01.00015: Arbitrary optical wave evolution with Fourier transforms and phase masks
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Victor Jose Lopez Pastor, Jeff Lundeen, Florian Marquardt