APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session W

W42.00006: Magnetization-Independent Spin Hall Effect in Ferromagnetic Metals
Sponsor Unit(s): GMAG
Joseph Mittelstaedt, Robert Buhrman, Daniel Ralph

W42.00007: Maximizing the spin Hall ratio of Pt: Trade-off between intrinsic spin Hall conductivity and carrier lifetime
Sponsor Unit(s): GMAG
Lijun Zhu, Lujun Zhu, Shengjie Shi, Manling Sui, Daniel Ralph, Robert Buhrman

W42.00011: Very high spin Hall conductivities and spin Hall ratios in epitaxial Iridium di-oxide films
Sponsor Unit(s): GMAG
ARNAB BOSE, Jocienne Nelson, Xiyue Zhang, Raksit Jain, Shengjie Shi, Darrell Schlom, Daniel Ralph, David Muller, Kyle Shen, Robert Buhrman