APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session D

D01.00001: Discovering feedback strategies for open quantum systems via deep reinforcement learning
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Florian Marquardt

D01.00002: Integrability Meets Dissipation: Critical Dynamics of Open Driven Systems
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Daniel Paz, Mohammad Maghrebi

D01.00006: Anomalous exceptional point and non-Markovian Purcell effect at threshold in 1-D open quantum systems
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Savannah Garmon, Gonzalo Ordonez, Naomichi Hatano

D01.00008: Analysis of matter-wave emission dynamics and polariton formation in a quantum-emitter array coupled to a band structure
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Alfonso Lanuza, Michael Stewart, Joonhyuk Kwon, Youngshin Kim, Dominik Schneble

D01.00012: Deconstructing Effective Non-Hermitian Dynamics in Quadratic Bosonic Hamiltonians
Sponsor Unit(s): DAMOP
Vincent Flynn, Emilio Cobanera, Lorenza Viola