APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session F

F66. New Perspectives on Superconductivity in F- & D- Electron Systems -- From the Unconventional to the Topological

F66.00004: Interplay of heavy fermion quantum criticality and unconventional superconductivity
Sponsor Unit(s): DCMP
Frank Steglich, Oliver Stockert, Julia Arndt, Hirale Jeevan, Cornelius Krellner, Huiqiu Yuan, Michael Smidman, Erwin Schuberth, Marc Tippmann, Lucia Steinke, Qimiao Si, Emilian Nica, Rong Yu

F66.00005: Pairing Tendencies, Orbital Selective Mott Phases, and Magnetic Block States in Multiorbital Models for Iron-Based Ladders and Chains
Sponsor Unit(s): DCMP
Elbio Dagotto