APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session D

D07.00005: Quantum computation of magnon spectra
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
AKHIL FRANCIS, James Freericks, Alexander Kemper

D07.00007: Accuracy of the effective Hamiltonian in the quantum simulation experiments
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Evgeny Mozgunov

D07.00013: Matrix product state simulations on a quantum computer
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Michael Feig, Andrew Potter

D07.00014: Quantum simulation of nonlinear three-wave interactions with engineered cubic couplings
Sponsor Unit(s): DQI
Yuan Shi, Alessandro Castelli, Ilon Joseph, Vasily Geyko, Frank Graziani, Stephen Libby, Jeffrey Parker, Yaniv Rosen, Jonathan DuBois