APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session B

B22.00007: Probing in-mouth texture perception with a biomimetic tongue
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO
Alexis Prevost, Jean-Baptiste Thomazo, Javier Contreras Pastenes, Christopher Pipe, Benjamin Le Révérend, Elie Wandersman

B22.00008: Towards a synthetic post-translational protein oscillator
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO
Ofer Kimchi, Carl Goodrich, Agnese Curatolo, Alexis Courbet, Nick Woodall, Dmitri Zorine, David Baker, Michael Brenner

B22.00009: Protein recruitment through indirect mechanochemical interactions
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO
Andriy Goychuk, Atul Mohite, Erwin Frey

B22.00010: Modelling the Ear with Electronic Oscillators: The Wien Bridge Oscillator as a Physical Analogue for the Hair Cell
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO
Courtney Fleming, Randall Tagg, Masoud Asadi-Zeydabadi

B22.00011: Bulk-surface coupling reconciles Min-protein pattern formation in vitro and in vivo
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO
Fridtjof Brauns, Grzegorz Pawlik, Jacob Halatek, Jacob Kerssemakers, Erwin Frey, Cees Dekker

B22.00012: Low dimensional structures in cardiac alternans
Sponsor Unit(s): DBIO
Hector Velasco Perez, Flavio Fenton