APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session S

S53.00002: Chirality transfer through multistep reaction processes towards the synthesis of enantiopure chiral graphene nanoribbons
Sponsor Unit(s): DMP
Mohammed Sabri G. Mohammed, Nestor Merino-Díez, Jesús Castro-Esteban, Luciano Colazzo, Alejandro Berdonces, James Lawerence, José Ignacio Pascual, Diego Peña, Dimas García de Oteyza

S53.00004: Grain rotation and growth in binary hexagonal two-dimensional materials
Sponsor Unit(s): DMP
Brendon Waters, Zhi Feng Huang

S53.00009: Scaling-up atomically thin coplanar semiconductor-metal circuirty via phase engineered chemical assembly
Sponsor Unit(s): DMP
Yu Ye