APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session P

P52.00001: Detecting Stable Surface Adsorbates with Bayesian Optimization
Sponsor Unit(s): DMP
Jari Järvi, Milica Todorovic, Patrick Rinke

P52.00008: Evidence for an accumulation layer at the donor-acceptor interface in organic solar cells
Sponsor Unit(s): DMP
Xinrui Zhu, Christina McGahan, Alexi Arango, Katherine Aidala

P52.00009: Controlling energy level alignment at a chromophore/TiO2 interface using a co-adsorbed helical peptide
Sponsor Unit(s): DMP
Jonathan Viereck, Yuan Chen, Ryan Harmer, Elena Galoppini, Sylvie Rangan, Robert Bartynski

P52.00011: Spiropyran/Merocyanine adsorption on a Gold Surface
Sponsor Unit(s): DMP
Andreas Riemann, Lucas Browning, Hunter Goff, Nelson Tate

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