APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session S

S43.00003: Giant polarization charge density at ScN/GaN interfaces
Sponsor Unit(s): DCOMP DMP
Nicholas Adamski, Cyrus Dreyer, Chris Van de Walle

S43.00004: Quasi-Binary Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Alloys: Thermodynamic Stability Prediction, Scalable Synthesis and Application
Sponsor Unit(s): DCOMP DMP
Zahra Hemmat, John Cavin, Alireza Ahmadiparidari, Alexander Ruckel, Sung Cho, Robert Klie, Rohan Mishra, Amin Salehi-Khojin

S43.00007: Hybrid assemblies of two-dimensional octagonal monolayers of C and BN
Sponsor Unit(s): DCOMP DMP
Prashant Gaikwad, Anjali Kshirsagar

S43.00010: A first principle study on the role of Li intercalation in the structural transition from a few-layer black to blue phosphorene
Sponsor Unit(s): DCOMP DMP
Md Rajib khan Musa, Ming Yu

S43.00011: The role of Configurational entropy in real time mass sensing.
Sponsor Unit(s): DCOMP DMP
Sudeep Adhikari, Kevin Beach