APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session M

M71.00007: Digital Printers and Image Quality
Suresh Ahuja

M71.00008: Immersion Precipitation 3D Printing (ip3DP)
Rahul Karyappa, Michinao Hashimoto

M71.00033: Development of Shape-Tunable Monodisperse Block Copolymer Particles through Particle Restructuring by Solvent Vapor Annealing
Jae Man Shin, Eun Ji Kim, Young Jun Lee, Mingoo Kim, Kang Hee Ku, Junhyuk Lee, YongJoo Kim, Hongseok Yun, Kin Liao, Craig Hawker, Bumjoon Kim

M71.00035: Self-Assembly in Large Molecular Weight Block Copolymers for Dual Metal Nanodot Patterning and Optical Applications
Eleanor Mullen

M71.00038: Influence of Charge Sequence on the Adsorption of Polydispersed and Monodispersed Polyelectrolytes onto Monodispersed Polyelectrolyte Brush
Vaidyanathan Sethuraman, Kevin Dorfman

M71.00050: Comparing Ion Conductivity and Transference Number of Single-ion and Salt-doped Block Copolymer Electrolytes
Kuan-Hsuan Shen, Lisa Hall

M71.00055: Understanding the interactions of polyols with hexafluoroisopropanol containing polynorbornene biobutanol membranes using QCM-D
Siyuan Li, Bryan Vogt

M71.00068: Thermo-electro-mechanical and Rheological Properties of Rubber Composites Filled with sp2-Hybridized Different Carbon Fillers
Emil Fernando, Thusitha Etampawala, Laleen Karunanayake, Dharani Abeysinghe, Amanda Ekanayake, Narayana Sirimuthu, A R Kumarasinhge, Dilhara Edirisinghe

M71.00069: Aqueous pigment dispersions: The thermodynamics of hierarchical aggregation
Andrew Mulderig, Kabir Rishi, Greg Beaucage

M71.00070: A model nanocomposite designed to understand the interfacial behavior in a novel thermally stiffening nanocomposite
Chen Gong, Kristina Nguyen, Pinar Akcora, Rahmi Ozisik

M71.00071: Compatibility/incompatibility in surface-modified, aggregated, precipitated silica nanocomposites
Lahari Pallerla, Kabir Rishi, Greg Beaucage

M71.00075: Predicting Stress-Strain Behavior of Thermoplastic Elastomer by Theoretical Calculation and Deep Learning
Takeshi Aoyagi

M71.00082: Glass Transition Temperature from the Chemical Structure of Conjugated Polymers
Renxuan Xie, Enrique Gomez, Ralph Colby

M71.00084: Mechanism of charge transfer and separation in polymer/nonfullerene acceptor organic solar cells
Nozomi Ohta, Koichi Yamashita, Azusa Muraoka

M71.00087: The Impact of Illumination on the Photoluminescence and Depth Profile of MEH-PPV/dPS Thin Films
Joshua Moncada, Tanguy Terlier, Rafael Verduzco, Mark Dadmun

M71.00089: Photoabsorption of acceptor molecules in non-fullerene type organic thin film solar cells
Sumire Ikeyama, Nozomi Ohta, Koichi Yamashita, Azusa Muraoka

M71.00092: Effect of pH on the phase behavior of multiple proteins in oppositely charged weak polyelectrolyte solution
Rituparna Samanta, Venkatraghavan Ganesan

M71.00106: Nanoindentation of nanocomposites
Suresh Ahuja

M71.00111: Guided Design of Composite Graphene-Polymer Foams: From Graphene Stabilized Emulsion to Electrically Conductive Foams
Zilu Wang, Yuan Tian, Heyi Liang, Andrey Dobrynin, Douglas Adamson

M71.00114: Effects of Heterogeneous Segmental Friction on the Decoupling of Segmental and Chain Dynamics
Walter Young, Joesph Saez, Thomas Kumlin, Reika Katsumata

M71.00115: Effect of Softness of Polymer Grafted Nanoparticles on the Co-assembly Behavior in 3D Confined Nanoparticle/Block Copolymer Hybrid System
Meng Xu, Hongseok Yun, Kang Hee Ku, Bumjoon Kim

M71.00123: Nonlinear Elasticity and Swelling of Comb and Bottlebrush Networks
Michael Jacobs, Heyi Liang, Erfan Dashtimoghadam, Benjamin Morgan, Sergei Sheiko, Andrey Dobrynin

M71.00128: From quantum mechanics to viscoelasticity: A multiscale modeling and characterization of radical initiated modification of polyolefin in molten state
Weizhong Zou, Amber Tupper, Nathan Rebello, Wontae Joo, Duminda Ranasinghe, Tzyy-Shyang Lin, Gending Ji, Sarah Khanniche, Bradley Olsen, William Green, Krish Gopalan, Christopher Couch

M71.00138: Nanoparticles as Universal Adhesives
Ryan Sayko, Zhen Cao, Heyi Liang, Andrey Dobrynin

M71.00172: Ordering kinetics and steady state in Active Nematic with quenched disorder
Sameer Kumar, Shardha Mishra

M71.00175: Measuring Force Fluctuations and Diffusion in Active Baths
Hunter Seyforth, Wylie Ahmed, Mauricio Gomez

M71.00176: role of annulus confinement on 2D active nematic behaviour
Zahra Zarei, Chaitanya Joshi, Michael Norton, Michael Hagan, Seth Fraden

M71.00181: Aggregation Dynamics of Active Spinning Superparamagnetic Particles in Dense Passive Media
Joshua Steimel, Juan Aragones, Daniel Madera, Sage Moreland, Alfredo Alexander-Katz

M71.00208: Electro-optical switching and order parameter measurements of dual-frequency nematic liquid crystals: regimes of thin and thick cells.
Olha Melnyk, Yuriy Garbovskiy, Anatoliy Glushchenko

M71.00210: Predicting the Steady Flow of a Fluid with Particles by Deep Learning
Hiroto Ozaki, Takeshi Aoyagi

M71.00212: Machine learning for detecting microscopic parameters characterizing mechanical properties of liquid crystal elastomers
Hideo Doi, Kazuaki Takahashi, Haruka Yasuoka, Kenji Tagashira, Jun-ichi Fukuda, Takeshi Aoyagi

M71.00220: Bifurcated yielding response of aging fibrillar networks
Ryan Poling-Skutvik, Chinedum Osuji

M71.00224: Colloidal Assembly at Curved Liquid-Liquid Interface
Zichen Ling, Namita Shokeen, Yingxi Elaine Zhu, Ashis Mukhopadhyay

M71.00244: Energy Stability of Gravitationally Interacting Rods and Dumbbells
Melita Wiles, John Lindner

M71.00246: Weighted Network Analysis of Biologically Relevant Chemical Spaces
Mariko Ito, Takaaki Ohnishi

M71.00260: Brownian Motions in Two Dimensions under Non-harmonic Potentials: Nonequilibrium Steady-State Dynamics
Hsin Chang, Chi-Lun Lee, Pik-Yin Lai, Yung-Fu Chen

M71.00268: Two-Scale Factor Universality in O2 and H2
Dereck Morgado, Christian Hawkins, Ana Oprisan, Gurunath Gandikota, Denis Chatain, Yves Garrabos, Daniel Beysens

M71.00270: Theoretical modelling of stock price dynamics in stock markets using a phynance approach.
Leonard Mushunje

M71.00275: Steady-state thermodynamics: reservoir independence
Leonardo Calazans, Ronald Dickman

M71.00285: Observing phase separation of temperature-responsive colloids under shear
John Brady, Ryan McGorty

M71.00289: A mathematical model of mitochondrial calcium-phosphate dissolution as a mechanism for persistent post-CSD vasoconstriction
Shixin Xu, Joshua Chang, Carson Chow, Huaxiong Huang

M71.00294: Distinguishing Complex Locomotory Patterns in C. elegans
Susannah Zhang, Jenny Magnes, Harold Hastings, Kathleen Susman, Miranda Hulsey-Vincent

M71.00300: Epigenetic regulation enhances stability of somatic differentiation state
Tianchi Chen, Muhammad Ali Al-Radhawi, Eduardo Sontag

M71.00311: Expanding Without Exploding: Measuring and Modeling the Biomechanics of Pollen Hydration
Kari Miller, Anders Carlsson, Elizabeth Haswell

M71.00312: Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation with DNA
David Ortega, Samina Masood

M71.00313: Polymerization Characteristics of Different Microtubules’ Interaction with Tau Protein and Taxol
Jane Breslin, Ibukunoluwa Akintola, Mitra Shojania Feizabadi

M71.00320: Information costs in the control of protein synthesis
Rebecca Rousseau, William Bialek

M71.00327: The role of epigenetics and microenvironment in breast cancer evolution
J. Roberto Romero-Arias, Guillermo Ramírez-Santiago, Calos González-Castro

M71.00337: Exploring the Dynamics of Biological Macromolecules at Angstrom Scale
Zahra Alavi, Calvin Foss

M71.00344: Stochastic Lattice Model of the RAD51 Nucleoprotein Filament Formation on Single-Stranded DNA
Mary Sutton, Colleen Caldwell, Maria Spies, Ali Tabei

M71.00350: Delay embedding of low-dimensional attractors of local field potentials from optogenetic data
Xandre Clementsmith, Sorinel Oprisan, Tamas Tompa, Antonieta Lavin

M71.00351: System identification in the brain: inferring ARMA dynamics from sensory data
Tiberiu Tesileanu, Samaneh Nasiri, Anirvan Sengupta, Dmitri Chklovskii

M71.00362: Development of control in brain networks over temporal and spatial scales using graph models
Lindsay Smith, Harang Ju, Danielle Bassett

M71.00366: One-dimensional contact process with both temporal and spatial disorder
Xuecheng Ye, Thomas Vojta

M71.00368: Single molecule force spectroscopy to determine specific receptor densities on live cancer cells under varying conditions
Ramesh Tripathi, Peter Hoffmann

M71.00379: Accurate effective potential for density amplitude and the corresponding Kohn-Sham exchange-correlation potential calculated from approximate wavefunctions
ASHISH KUMAR, Rabeet Singh, Manoj Harbola

M71.00389: Stable Structures and NMR Analysis of (Na)n with pore size in hard carbon by DFT calculations
Ayane Suzaki, Azusa Muraoka, Koichi Yamashita

M71.00391: Theoretical study of charge and discharge process and NMR in Na ion battery anode material Sn
Kei Kudo, Azusa Muraoka, Masanori Kaneko, Koichi Yamashita

M71.00398: Infrared Spectroscopy Investigation of Ammonium Sulfate at Low Temperatures
Lucas Ehinger, Krishna Kharel, Ozge Gunaydin-Sen, Amal Al-Wahish

M71.00412: Transfer of Linear and Angular Momentum from Evanescent Fields of an Optical Fiber to Isotropic and Anisotropic Dipolar Spheres.
Dustin Savelli, Ariel Xie, Cody Leary