APS March Meeting 2020 Presentations

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APS March Meeting 2020

Session C

C71.00002: Using GALFIT to Determine Galaxy Morphologies of Quasars
Kaitlyn Raub, Mariana Lazarova, Gabriele Canalizo, Mark Lacy

C71.00006: Ultrasonic Acoustic Probing Based on Gaussian Beam Analysis
Emily LaPrime, Sanichiro Yoshida

C71.00010: Phase-Modulated Local Oscillator Effects on RF-DNA Fingerprints in IEEE 802.11a Wi-Fi Signals
William Mitchell, Kaitlin Hall, Ahmed Ibrahim `, Donald Reising, Thomas Loveless

C71.00013: Effect of cerium substitution on the superconducting state of Ba0.6K0.4BiO3
Mohamed Essam Nawwar, Benjamin White

C71.00016: Investigation of Track Formation in CR-39 for Various Hydrated Enviornments.
Micah Karahadian, Austin Smith, Emma Vahle, Heide Doss

C71.00017: Topological Effects in Knotted Arrays of One-Dimensional Quantum Rings
Colin Riggert, Kieran Mullen

C71.00024: Nonlinear Magnon Scattering Observations Via The Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect
Paul Bailey, Paul Crowell

C71.00025: Thermal metamorphism study of carbonaceous chondritic meteorites
Rohil Kayastha, Raka Paul, Aaron Stokke, Analía Dall'Asén

C71.00026: Temporal super-resolution differential dynamics microscopy for detecting fast dynamics
Ruilin You, Ryan McGorty

C71.00027: Gradient-Based Algorithms for Characterizing the Structure of Fibrin Clots
Nolan Roth

C71.00031: Engine of Life: Biophysics and Tyrosine
Ji Ku, Deanna Luneau, K. V. Lakshmi

C71.00034: Symmetries of Two Atoms with Contact Interactions in a Ring Trap
Isabel Fernandez, Nathan Harshman

C71.00037: The magnetic structure of a strongly correlated rare-earth based intermetallic system Au2PrIn..
Svetlana Doroshevich, Nami Uchida, Kalani Hettiarachchilage, Neel Haldolaarachchige

C71.00038: MCG modelling and eccentricity calculations for Pb+Pb and Au+Au collisions at various √sNN
Anya Wolterman

C71.00043: Thermal Analysis of Pr1-xNdxOs4Sb12 in Normal State
Matthew Brown, Yeh-Chia Chang, Pei-Chun Ho, M Brian Maple, Tatsuya Yanagisawa

C71.00044: Ferromagnetic Resonance of All Oxide Core / Shell Nanoparticle Variants
N. Schulz, Corisa Kons, J. Shoup, J. Robles, Manh-Huong Phan, Hariharan Srikanth, Dario Arena

C71.00046: Analysis of Time Evolution Algorithms to be Utilized in Modeling Classical and Quantum Mechanical Systems
Katherine Hudek, L Ram-Mohan

C71.00049: Water and Carbon Dioxide in Hydrated Hyperbranched Polyethylenimine Membrane Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Density Functional Theory
Kyung Il Kim, Robin Lawler, Seung Soon Jang

C71.00050: An evaluation of methods for measuring thermomagnetic transport properties of bulk and thin film materials
Andrew Jarymowycz, Jason Pruitt, Kyle Thomson, Austin Tinkess, Matthew Beekman

C71.00051: Analyzing Challenging Scientific Thoughts in a Christian Academic Setting
Mason Pohlman

C71.00055: Unsupervised Machine Learning for Rare Signal Detection in CMS Detector Data
Luc Le Pottier, Annapaola DeCosa

C71.00061: All-Dielectric Nanophotonics Research Involving Undergraduates at Illinois State University
Brighton Coe, Daniel Eggena, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Mahua Biswas, Minoru Fujii, Uttam Manna

C71.00062: Silica Polypeptide Composite Janus Particles
Sean Ronayne, Alyssa Blake, Elsa Samantaray, Jamie wooding, Mark Lasego, Paul Russo

C71.00066: Gold-Aluminum Thin Films as an Alternative to Pure Metals for Plasmon Resonance Sensors
Abdul Qadeer Rehan, Robert Kent, Mariama Rebello Sousa Dias

C71.00068: Reaction Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Reversible Epoxies by Diels-Alder reaction
nicole penners, Youngmin Lee

C71.00069: Hyperentangled Bell-states analysis of two-photon 2n-degree-of-freedom system
Chunzhen Li

C71.00074: Exploring the Memory Capacity of Embedded Synfire Chains
Sarah Greberman, Yevhen Tupikov, Dezhe Jin

C71.00080: Image Analysis and Model of Cytoskeletal Filament Density of C17.2 Cells
Benjamin Horine, Sabrina Jedlicka, Swetha Chandrasekar, Massooma Pirbhai

C71.00085: Immunofluorescent biomarkers for distinguishing cell phenotypes in zebrafish somitogenesis and autonomous cellular oscillators.
Yiyang Chen, Qiong Yang

C71.00089: The Effects of Heat Exposure Over Various Time Intervals on the Performance Characteristics of Monocrystalline Silicon Photo-voltaic Cells
Madalynne Forster, Hunter Davis, Noah Cox, Justin Smoyer, Paul Quinn

C71.00101: Multimodal x-ray and electron microscopy of an Allende meteorite sample
Chen-Ting Liao, Yuan Hung Lo, Jihan Zhou, Arjun Rana, Charles Bevis, Guan Gui, Bjoern Enders, Kevin Cannon, David Shapiro, Henry Kapteyn, Roger Falcone, Chris Bennett, Jianwei Miao, Margaret Murnane

C71.00104: Simultaneous Study of Structure and Correlation-Driven Transitions via X-ray Standing Waves
Matthew Wahila, Galo Paez, Christopher Singh, Nicholas Quackenbush, Hanjong Paik, Darrell Schlom, Tien-Lin Lee, Wei-Cheng Lee, Louis Piper

C71.00105: Electronic Correlation Effects on the Fermi Surface Topology of d-Plutonium
Roxanne Tutchton, Wei-ting Chiu, Robert Albers, Gabriel Kotliar, Jian-Xin Zhu

C71.00108: Investigation into form factors for mechanical-resonance-based methods of information storage
Christopher Hakoda, Cristian Pantea, Vamshi Krishna Chillara

C71.00109: Spontaneous thermal Hall conductance in superconductors with broken time-reversal symmetry
Firat Yilmaz, Sungkit Yip

C71.00121: Can Fermi energy be estimated experimentally?
Chetan Kotabage, Ashutosh Abhyankar

C71.00129: Textile Thermoelectric Generator Based on Carbon Nanotubes
Fariba Islam, Nabila Fairuz, Ahmed Zubair

C71.00134: Ab-Initio Computations of Electronic and Related Properties of cubic Magnesium Silicide (Mg2Si)
Dioum Allé, Blaise Ayirizia, Yuriy Malozovsky, Diola Bagayoko

C71.00135: Ab-initio Calculations of Electronic Properties of Tin Selenide (SnSe)
Yuriy Malozovsky, Shaibu Mathias, Diola Bagayoko

C71.00138: Excited carrier relaxation in GaAs by mid-IR pump-probe spectroscopy
Roisul Galib, John Tomko, David Olson, Ashutosh Giri, John Gaskins, Patrick Hopkins

C71.00139: Temperature dependent vibrational modes of TNT and CL-20 cocrystal in terahertz regime
Abdur Rahman, Towfiq Ahmed, Abul Azad, David Moore

C71.00142: Obstacles to Undergraduate Research in Thin Film Semi-Conductor Characterization: The Creation of Inexpensive Hall Measurement Apparatus
Oluwasekemi Odumosu

C71.00147: High transmittance Er doped ZnO thin films as electrodes for organic light-emitting diodes
shi yingli, Chi-Chung Ling

C71.00153: Non-Destructive Thickness Mapping of Wafer-Scale Hexagonal Boron Nitride Down to a Monolayer
Andrea Crovetto, Patrick Whelan, Ruizhi Wang, Miriam Galbiati, Stephan Hofmann, Luca Camilli

C71.00156: Heavy Mediator at Quantum Dot/Graphene Heterojunction for Efficient Charge Carrier Transfer to Enhance the Performance of the Optoelectronic Devices

C71.00158: Investigation of the Resistive Switching Mechanism in LixNbO2 Memristors
Sebastian Howard, Louis Piper, Matthew Wahila, Christopher Singh, Wei-Cheng Lee, Timothy McCrone, William Doolittle, Alex Weidenbach, Galo Paez

C71.00160: On degradation and reliability testing GaN High-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT)
Parveen Kumar

C71.00175: Optimized Efficiency of a stochastically driven quantum dot Heat Engine
Mulugeta Bekele

C71.00178: Computational Screening and Designing High-performance Solid Sorbents for CO2 Capture Technology
Yuhua Duan

C71.00179: Improved optoelectronic properties in CdSexTe1-x through controlled composition and short-range order
Bishal Dumre, Nathan Szymanski, Vijaya Adhikari, Indiras Khatri, Daniel Gall, Sanjay Khare

C71.00180: A Multidimensional Approach to Structural Transformation Through Functionalization of Tellurene
Gracie Chaney, Daniel Wines, Fatih Ersan, Jaron Kropp, Can Ataca

C71.00182: Strong interplay between Na- and O-related defects in Cu-based chalcogenides
Kostiantyn Sopiha, Sigbjørn Grini, Charlotte Platzer-Björkman, Lasse Vines, Clas Persson

C71.00189: Thermal conductivity of hydrogen sorbent materials for onboard storage applications
Noemi Leick, Robert Bell, Troy Semelsberger, Brandon Barnett, Jeffrey Long, Philip Parilla, Thomas Gennett

C71.00196: Single-junction and Tandem Cu2BaSnS4 Solar Cells with a TaS2 hole contact
Andrea Crovetto, Rasmus Nielsen, Alireza Hajijafarassar, Ole Hansen, Brian Seger, Ib Chorkendorff, Peter Vesborg

C71.00208: Aggregation Dynamics of Blood Platelets
Suresh Ahuja

C71.00210: Improved Sensitivity of a Single-Sided Magnetic Particle Imaging Scanner
Jason Pagan, Amanuel Negash, Juehao Lin, Alexey Tonyushkin

C71.00214: Simple physical modeling for comparing respirator breathing resistance standards
Dana Rottach, Susan Xu, Caitlin McClain, William King

C71.00215: Deflector Cavity Design for Rapid 2-D Proton Beam Scanning
Emma Snively, Xueying Lu, Emilio Nanni, Zenghai Li, Valery Dolgashev, Gordon Bowden, Ann Sy, Sami Tantawi

C71.00228: Observation and stabilization of photonic Fock states in a hot radio-frequency resonator
Mario Gely, Marios Kounalakis, Christian Dickel, Jacob Dalle, Rémy Vatré, Brian Baker, mark Jenkins, Gary Steele

C71.00229: Single-Photon Dispersive Readout of a Qubit with a Photodetector: Theory Beyond the Rotating-Wave Approximation
Andrii Sokolov, Eugene Stolyarov

C71.00233: Qubit fast reset with QubiC
Gang Huang, Yilun Xu, Ravi Naik, Bradley Mitchell, David Santiago, Irfan Siddiqi

C71.00235: Impact of noise reduction in measurement of a super conducting flux qubit at 4.2 K
Daisuke Saida, Narii Watase, Takehito Kamimura, Shingo Sobukawa, Hirohito Watanabe, Yuki Yamanashi

C71.00237: Trimming Grover's Quantum Search Algorithm
Grant Eberle, Gonzalo Ordonez

C71.00243: Optimizer-aware Circuit Design for Error Unfolding in Variational Quantum Eigensolver
Wim Lavrijsen, Miroslav Urbanek, Mekena Metcalf, Juliane Müller, Benjamin Nachman, Diana Chamaki, Costin Iancu, Wibe De Jong

C71.00245: Modeling Quantum Devices and the Reconstruction of Physics in Practical Systems
Hang Ren, Ying Li

C71.00249: Space-Time Mixing of Quantum Computing in an Entangled Atomic Chain and Time Crystals
Andrew Van Horn, Cheng-Hsiao Wu

C71.00253: Quantum-Computing(QC)? Not New and Not News! Merely Trendy Fashionable "Buzzwordism, Bandwagonism and Sloganeering for Fun, Profit, Survival, Ego" aka Showbiz!
E. Carl-Ludwig Siegel

C71.00254: Quantum feedback error correction of a monitored system evolving adiabatically
Ka Wa Yip, Mostafa Khezri, Daniel Lidar

C71.00255: Constructing parsimonious control functions using B-splines with carrier waves
N. Anders Petersson, Fortino Garcia, Jonathan DuBois

C71.00259: Knowledge is the Foundation of the Functioning of the Physical World in QM:Everything Goes Through the Wave Function,IncludingNullMeasurements,Expansion of On the Nature of the Change in the Wave Function in A Measurement in Quantum Mechanics(arxiv,1995)
Douglas Snyder

C71.00261: How Knowledge Leads to the Demise of Schrodinger’s Cat Through a Null Measurement (A Quantum Mechanical Measurement in Which There is No Physical Interaction Between the Measuring Instrument and the Entity Measured)
Douglas Snyder

C71.00273: Collective enhancements in charging quantum batteries via a quantum heat engine
Kosuke Ito, Gentaro Watanabe

C71.00275: Auto-tuned quantum dots in silicon as a candidate platform for scalable quantum computing and quantum neuromorphic devices
Bradley Lloyd, Megan Smith, Zhexuan Gong, Meenakshi Singh

C71.00278: THz Sommerfeld Wave Propagation on Superconducting Niobium Wire for Millimeter-Wave Interconnects
Bharat Kuchhal, Emma Snively, Kevin Multani, Hubert Stokowski, Amir Safavi-Naeini, Paul Welander, Emilio Nanni

C71.00282: Normal mode analysis of a relaxation process with Bayesian inference
Itsushi Sakata, Yoshino Nagano, Yasuhiko Igarashi, Shin Murata, Kohji Mizoguchi, Ichiro Akai, Masato Okada

C71.00289: Building a DLS Device to Measure In Situ Glycine Cluster Formation
Hannah Fejzic, Bruce Garetz, Omar Gowayed

C71.00297: Minimization studies of elemental carbon using LCBOP semi-empirical potential.
Philip Chrostoski, Chathuri Silva, Philip Fraundorf

C71.00299: First Principles Evaluations of the Spin-Orbit Couplings in Crystals
Kensuke Kurita, Takashi Koretsume

C71.00300: Time-evolution of a Schrödinger electron driven by a localized oscillating potential
Liubov Zhemchuzhna, Godfrey Gumbs, M. Lawrence Glasser, Andrii Iurov, Danhong Huang

C71.00313: Enhanced Optical Properties of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (via SP3-Hybridization Defects) from Many-Body Perturbation Theory Based on Density Functional Theory Calculations
Braden Weight, Andrei Kryjevski

C71.00316: Dielectric Screening by 2D Substrates
Keian Noori, Nicholas Cheng, Fengyuan Xuan, Su Ying Quek

C71.00322: DFT studies of graphene in carbon droplets condensed in stellar atmospheres
Chathuri Silva, Philip Fraundorf, Eric Majzoub, Philip Chrostoski

C71.00332: Computational simulation of patterns in a reaction-diffusion model
Monica Velasco, Cesar Minolli, John Prias

C71.00338: Counter-diabatic Spin Squeezing
Zeyang Li, Boris Braverman, Enrique Mendez, Vladan Vuletic

C71.00353: Electrical and optical properties of tetragonal polymeric C60 under high pressure
Zhongyan Wu, Lin Wang, Alexander Soldatov, Jaeyong Kim

C71.00367: Discrete evolution on temporal separation and phase difference for bound solitons in an Yb mode-locked fiber laser
Cecília Campos, Lucas Mélo, Lúcio Acioli, Marcio de Miranda

C71.00375: Cold polar molecules in superfluid helium nanodroplets: Electrostatic deflection of imidazole, its complexes and fragments
Benjamin Kamerin, John Niman, Vitaly Kresin

C71.00380: Atom-Light Interactions in Integrated Photonics: en Route to an Atomic Lab on a Photonic Chip
Hadiseh Alaeian, Artur Skljraw, Robert Loew, Harald Kuebler, Tilman Pfau

C71.00384: Optical spectroscopy of TaH: Six low-lying electronic states and their agreement with computational studies
Thomas Varberg, Samuel Gleason, Dalir Kellett, Paul Reischmann

C71.00390: Generation of optical vortices from a spatial light modulator, vortex phase plate, and mode converter
Ting-Hua Lu, Teng-De Huang

C71.00411: Photon blockade in the Tavis Cummings model
Rahul Trivedi, Marina Radulaski, Kevin Fischer, Shanhui Fan, Jelena Vuckovic

C71.00412: Point-coupling Hamiltonian for frequency-independent linear optical devices
Rahul Trivedi, Kevin Fischer, Sattwik Mishra, Jelena Vuckovic

C71.00417: Continuous protection of a quantum state from inhomogeneous dephasing
Ran Finkelstein, Ohr Lahad, Omri Davidson, Eilon Poem, Ofer Firstenberg

C71.00421: Effect of Core Size on Vortex Interactions in Light
Jasmine Andersen, Andrew Voitiv, Mark Lusk, Mark Siemens

C71.00424: Dynamics of Inhalation
Felix Kratz, Jean-Francois Louf, Anvitha Sudhakar, Nathanael Ji, Sujit Datta

C71.00425: Charge Carrier Transport in Cuprous Oxide: A Puzzle
Garima Aggarwal, Sandeep Maurya, K. Balasubramaniam