Creating an APS Web Account

What is an APS Web Account?
An APS web account is a personalized user name and password of your creating that you can use on the APS websites so you can remember them more easily than the ID number or passwords assigned by APS.

APS ID (Member) Number
You may use your APS ID (member) number to create your web account. If you have ever attended an APS meeting or are a former APS member, you may already have an APS ID number. All APS ID (member) numbers begin with either the first two letters of your last name or the number "6."

Your APS ID (member) number may be found in a number of places.

  • You can look up your ID number online.
    Gray arrow  Get Your ID Number
  • Your APS ID number is printed in the upper left corner of your APS membership invoices, in the first line of any APS renewal email, and on your APS membership card.
  • Your APS ID number is on the second line of your APS News mailing label.
  • Your APS ID number is on the top of your meeting registration confirmation (receipt).

If you do not have an APS ID (member) number, you can create an APS Web account by clicking on the button on the left, "Create My Account Without APS ID Number".


Creating the Account

Figure 1: Create APS Web Account


Uploading Supplemental Materials
Once you have created your APS web account, you can log in to upload supplemental presentation materials. If this is the first time for you logging in, you will see an agreement page.