Exhibiting at APS Meetings & Events

APS is grateful to the exhibitors who share their products and services with our meeting and event attendees. By choosing an exhibitor booth at our meetings, you are reaching thousands of physicists, engineers, and other STEM professionals, many of whom are decision-makers in their universities, labs, and institutions.

The Exhibitor Agreement At-A-Glance

When exhibiting at an APS meeting, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions as well as our meeting rules.

Download the full exhibitor agreement (PDF)

When reviewing our terms and conditions, please pay attention to:

  • Payment: You must provide payment via credit card. You may also request an invoice, which APS will need to approve, and payment is due within 30 days when you recieve the invoice.
  • License and permits: You are responsible for obtaining and paying the costs of any necessary licenses or permits.
  • Code of conduct: To ensure a respectful and welcoming atmosphere at our events, you understand that exhibiting at APS meetings requires you to abide by our code of conduct.
  • Intellectual property: As an exhibitor, you will give APS a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable license to use your logos and trademarks, brand names, company names and other materials that you provide us during the meeting and in follow-up marketing for the meeting. APS will give you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty free license to use the meeting logo and trademarks during the period of time set in the agreement.
  • Confidential information: You must treat all technical, financial and other information or data we provide to you in relation to APS, our affiliates, or the meeting in strictest confidence for a period of at least five years.
  • Termination: If you decide that you no longer wish to exhibit at the meeting, you must provide us with written notice. APS will be entitled to retain a percentage of the exhibitor amount based on the number of days prior to the meeting that you give notice.

  • Meeting cancelation: If the meeting is canceled, APS will make a good faith calculation to refund a portion of the exhibitor amount, provided within 60 days of the cancellation notice.

  • Additional details in the agreement: This agreement also covers acts of God and similar circumstances outside of our control, indemnity for APS, warranty disclaimers, permission for APS to use recordings and images of exhibitors from the meeting, specifications about how your data and attendees' data may or cannot be used, insurance requirements for exhibitors, and local laws and venue regulations, among other important information.

Meeting Rules At-A-Glance

The terms and conditions for exhibitors at APS meetings also include meeting rules, which representatives at the exhibitor booth should review carefully and thoroughly. Some highlights of the meeting rules include:

  • Meeting passes: Unless you have APS's explicit, written consent to do so, you may not distributed meeting passes to third parties. After the meeting starts, you also may not reassign or exchange meeting passes.
  • Meeting venue: You must not damage or deface the meeting venue. You are responsible for complying with move-in and move-out times, as well as any storage or handling charges that may arise as a result of failing to remove your materials after the move-out time.
  • Meeting-provided booth: You may not assign, exchange, or sublease your booth or a portion of it without APS's consent. You must also keep walkways around your booth clear. APS has the authority to review your booth's materials and designs, which must be submitted to us in the format we require and within the timeframe we request them.
  • Move in and move out: You will be given adequate notice of the move-in and move-out timeframes for the meeting, which APS determines, and your booth set-up must be complete by the opening of the expo, remain fully staffed during the event, and packed up after the designated closing time. The venue may have additional rules and regulatons.
  • Promotional materials: All of your promotional materials must be pre-approved by APS, can only be displayed in the space alotted to you at the meeting, must not been obscene in any way, must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, should not infringe on any third party's rights, and must not be detrimental to APS or our business interests, our meetings, or other exhibitors.
  • Presentations: Any presentations you plan as part of your exhibit need to be submitted to APS for approval and will be restricted to your exhibitor booth.
  • Conducting business at the meeting: To exchange money or goods at the meeting, you will need APS's prior consent, and the products and services you promote at the meeting must not compete with other products and servcies, as determined by APS.
  • Conflicting programs: Unless you have APS's permission, you should not draw meeting attendees away from events that are part of the APS meeting to instead attend exhibitor-sponsored events.
  • Parallel promotions: You may not use APS meetings to promote other meetings where you will be exhibiting.
  • Limitations: From two days before the meeting until two days after the APS meeting, you should not promote, endorse, or exhibit at similar events that are taking place within 50 miles of the APS meeting.
  • Social media: You may not use any social media platform to denigrate the meeting.
  • Photography or other records: You may photograph or record your exhibit booth, but you may not take photos or video of meeting attendees without permission.

When exhibiting at APS meetings, please be sure to review the full terms and conditions, including the meeting rules (PDF).

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