New Issue of APS News Available

The June 2022 issue of APS News is now available online.

Articles include:

  • US Monitoring of Methane Emissions is Falling Short, Report from APS, Optica Finds
  • International Teaching Can Transform Physics
  • I’m the New Editor of APS News, and I’m Excited for What Comes Next
  • Celebrating 50th Anniversary of First African-American Woman to Earn Physics PhD
  • ‘I had no idea when I would see my family again’: Scientists of Chinese Descent Recount Stories of Unjust Arrests
  • Scientists Don’t Belong on Pedestals: Interview with Science Historian Patricia Fara
  • How to Network After Conferences
  • Physicist-Turned-Advocate is a Champion for Menstrual Freedom
  • From Great Plains to Alaska, Physicists in the Northwest Section Prepare for June Meeting in Canada
  • APS 2022 Distinguished Lecturer, Sufi Zafar, Says Physicists Should Explore New Fields
  • March Meeting Brings a Physics Fiesta to Chicago School

Plus, a Back Page article by Howard Georgi