APS Voice Concerns About DOJ’s China Initiative and Suggests Reforms

September 16, 2021

APS President Sylvester James Gates, Jr. recently sent a letter to Biden Administration leaders expressing the Society’s strong concerns with the Justice Department’s China Initiative—a targeted effort sowing fear among scientists of Asian descent, restricting legitimate international scientific collaboration, and hindering the United States in the race for global talent. The letter also outlines the following seven recommendations for adjusting the initiative that would both protect against national security risks and strengthen the nation’s research enterprise:

  • Refocus the Initiative
  • Rename the Initiative
  • Establish Protocol for Breaches of Scientific Integrity
  • Provide Researchers Window to Catch Up
  • Review Past Cases and Correct for Violations
  • Mitigate Against Racial Profiling Going Forward
  • Seek Input from the Research Community

APS Government Affairs and the Society’s leaders are meeting with Biden Administration officials to further discuss the recommendations and push for their swift implementation.

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