New Report: “Building America’s STEM Workforce: Eliminating Barriers and Unlocking Advantages”

January 22, 2021

The APS Office of Government Affairs has released a new report titled “Building America’s STEM Workforce: Eliminating Barriers and Unlocking Advantages.”

It synthesizes a wide array of publicly available data and reports—complemented with surveys of physics department chairs and APS members—to generate an understanding of a set of current challenges and opportunities for action related to building America’s STEM workforce.

Once the uncontested global leader in science, technology and innovation, the United States now faces a very different competitive landscape.The combination of increased competition for international talent and the nation’s inaction to address inequalities in education and research opportunities domestically is hindering the country’s role as a global leader in S&T and is jeopardizing the economic prosperity it generates.

Building America STEM workforce cover