Helium Issues

HeliumHelium is essential for achieving the extremely cold temperatures required by many current and emerging technologies as well as for advanced scientific research. The demand for helium has been steadily increasing, and there is every reason to believe that this will continue. In view of the importance of this irreplaceable resource, measures must be taken to conserve and advance the nation's helium reserves.
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Articles & Action Alerts

Helium should be recycled
Nature, July 2017

Qatar blockade hits helium supply
By Declan Butler | Nature, July 2017

Op-Ed: The Helium Crisis
By Simon Bare | The Hill, October 2016

Trial Balloon on Helium Purchasing Plan Launched
APS News Update, June 2014

Op-Ed: Helium Bill Needed to Maintain U.S. Economic & Scientific Strength external
By Moses Chan | Roll Call, July 2013

Op-Ed: America's Looming Helium Disaster external
By Michael Turner & Moses Chan | Politico, June 2013

Last-minute Legislation Averts Helium Supply Crisis
APS News, November 2013

President Obama Signs Helium Bill Into Law
Capitol Hill Quarterly, November 2013

Congress Weighs Action to Ease Helium Crisis
APS News, April 2013

In Support of APS's Statement on Helium Conservation
POPA Background Paper, April 1996

Report: Responding to the U.S. Research Community's Liquid Helium Crisis

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Liquid Helium Purchasing Program

APS is partnering with the American Chemical Society and the Defense Logistics Agency to improve reliability and affordability of liquid helium for researchers.
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