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Nuclear Testing and New START: Nuclear Threat Reduction in 2020 and Beyond

Our September 9, 2020 panel discussion provides background on current nuclear policy topics and updates on relevant legislation. Panelists Prof. Steve Fetter (University of Maryland) and Prof. Frank Von Hippel (Princeton University) provide briefings on nuclear weapons testing and New START while Dr. Laura Grego (Union of Concerned Scientists) moderates a spirited Q&A session. Also featuring Prof. Stewart Prager (Princeton University), Dr. Sébastien Philippe (Princeton University), and Charlotte Selton (APS)

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Possible Measures to Reduce the Nuclear Threat Under the Biden Administration and the New Congress

Our January 29th, 2021 webinar covers a range of policy topics including no-first-use, launch-on-warning, ICBM modernization, and presidential sole authority. Speakers include Prof. Angela Di Fulvio (University of Illinois), Prof. Steve Fetter (University of Maryland), Dr. Laura Grego (Union of the Concerned Scientists), Prof. Zia Mian (Princeton University), Prof. Stewart Prager (Princeton University), and Prof. Frank von Hippel (Princeton University).

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