Physics is Relevant to the Real World

Myth 5:

Physics has little relevance to the real world and taking it would be a waste of time.


Physics answers questions about the world that no other field can answer, and is fundamental to other fields & major advancements.

Physics is behind nearly every major technological innovation of the past century, including iPhone touch screens, high-speed internet, GPS, MRIs, solar power, and so much more. Physics also teaches a wide range of skills that are applicable no matter what you end up doing. Physics majors working in computer science or engineering reported that they made frequent use of problem-solving, teamwork, programming, and technical writing skills they learned while studying physics. Physics also teaches you fun applications of everyday life - like basketball, lasers, and microwaves! Check out PhysicsCentral to learn more about the physics of everyday life.

Over 80% of surveyed employers agreed that physics majors:

  • Could easily grasp new knowledge and concepts
  • Were able to identify, formulate, and solve problems
  • Were able to successfully analyze and interpret data
  • Could competently use computer applications and databases
  • Were able to use current techniques/tools for technical practices
  • Could engage in continued learning and problem solving

ABET Survey of applied and engineering physics graduates, Kettering University

Profiles of Physicists

Christina Barrow, Medical Physicist

Christina Barrow
Medical Physicist

Deborah Berebichez, Wall Street Analyst

Deborah Berebichez
Wall Street Analyst

Paul Markoff–Johnson

Paul Markoff-Johnson
Senior Product Developer

December Martin

December Martin
Senior Project Manager in Biomed Technology

Maggie Seeds, Business and Technology Consultant

Maggie Seeds
Business and Technology Consultant

Nathan Swift, Startup founder

Nathan Swift
Startup founder

Desiré Whitmore

Desiré Whitmore
Senior physics educator at an exploratorium

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