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Resources for Teachers in Grades Kindergarten - Middle School

Middle School Physics

PhysicsQuest Tesla - 2008

PhysicsQuest Classroom Activities

PhysicsQuest is a middle school competition that consists of four physical science experiments centered on a mystery. The experiments are designed to be done by small groups in a classroom or after school setting. Each of the experiments gives students a clue that they need to solve the mystery. 

Classes can submit their answers online and be entered into a random drawing for prizes. PhysicsQuest kits are provided free to registered classrooms. All PhysicsQuest materials may be downloaded and reproduced free of charge.
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Elementary School Physics

Color Me Physics Series

Color Me Physics

Color Me Physics introduces children to physics. Both books may be downloaded and reproduced free of charge.

Color Me Physics Coloring Book
The Color Me Physics coloring book introduces famous physicists to early elementary school students with pictures and a short description. Physicists include Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Franklin, Bouchet, Sklodowska Curie, Einstein, Fermi, Goeppert-Mayer, and Feynman.
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Color Me Physics Activity Book
Color Me Physics Activity BookThe Color Me Physics activity book centers around Abigail Atom. There are activity pages intended for elementary students on electrical power, atom behavior, color spectrum, the solar system, and magnetism. The inside cover is a circuitry board game.
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