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Alan Harold Luther


"For fundamental contribution to the theory of interacting electrons in one dimension."


Alan Harold Luther received his BS (Electrical Engineering), in 1962, MS (Electrical Engineering), in 1963 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. (Physics), in 1967 from the University of Maryland. Employment will include: Technical University of Munich 1967-1969, (NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship); Brookhaven National Laboratory 1969-1971; Harvard University 1971-1976, Assistant Professor 1971-1973, Associate Professor 1973-1976; Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (Nordita) Copenhagen, Denmark, Professor 1976-Present. Scientific Endeavors: Interacting electrons in one dimension, and techniques which enable calculation of correlation functions and other observables. These include boson-fermion duality, conformal field theories, and generalized Bethe Ansatz methods. Statistical mechanics in two dimensions and spin chains. Extension of these techniques to higher dimensions using "Tomographic" quantization. Applications to strongly correlated electrons in two dimensions, and high Tc superconductivity.

Selection Committee:

Sankar Das Sarma (Chair), Cherry Ann Murray, Sidney Robert Nagel ('99 Recipient), Steven M Girvin (Vice Chair), Paul M Chaikin