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Andrea Prosperetti
Johns Hopkins University


"For breakthroughs in the theory of multiphase flows, the dynamics of bubble oscillations, underwater sound, and free-surface flows and for providing elegant explanations of paradoxial phenomena in these fields."


Andrea Prosperetti received his B.S. in Physics at the Universitá di Milano (Italy), summa cum laude in 1968, his M.S. in Engineering Science from Caltech in 1972 and his PhD. in Engineering Science at Caltech in 1974.

Dr. Prosperetti was Assistant Professor of Physics 1974-76 and Associate Professor of Physics 1976-1985 at the University of Milano; Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Department of Mechanical Engineering 1985-1994. Since 1998 Dr. Prosperetti has been Berkhoff Professor of Applied Physics (part-time) at University of Twente (The Netherlands) and since 1994 the Charles A. Miller Jr. Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Prosperetti has received many honors and awards including: Fellow, American Physical Society; Fellow American Society of Mechanical engineers; Fellows, Acoustical society of America; Lifetime Achievement Award, Japan Society of Multiphase Flow and the Mitsubishi Visiting Professor from Tokyo University.

Dr. Prosperetti's research interests include Fluid-solid disperse multiphase flow, Gas-liquid multiphase flow, Bubble dynamics and cavitation, Free surface flows, Computational fluid mechanics and Acoustics.