Prize Recipient

Cameron Geddes
Swathmore College


"Spheromak Equilibrium Studies on SSX."


Mr. Geddes is a graduate of Lincoln High School, Portland, OR in 1992 and graduated from Swathmore College in 1997 with a BA degree in physics. His thesis is based on some of the initial experiments performed on the Swathmore Spheromak Experiment at the Magnetofluids Laboratory at Swathmore College. The ultimate goal of the experiment is to simulate conditions in solar flares (100,0000 C) for a very short time (100 millionths of a second) in order to study fundamental magnetofluid processes. Mr. Geddes has characterized the magnetic structure of these spheromaks using arrays of magnetic probes of his own construction and fit the data to various models, using his own analysis. Since his graduation from Swathmore College, Mr. Geddes has been working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the laser fusion program.