Prize Recipient

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Chengkun Huang
University of California, Los Angeles


"For his innovative work in plasma physics that led to the development of the QuickPIC code that has revolutionizes the simulation of plasma-based accelerator research."


Chengkun Huang was born in China. He began his undergraduate study at Tsinghua University in 1994 and received his Bachelor degree in Engineering Physics in 1998 with highest hornors. He conducted graduate research on spherical tokamak in Tsinghua University and was awarded a Master degree in 2000. He continued his study in the Department of Electrical Engineering at University of California Los Angeles under the supervision of Prof. Mori, where his research focused on multiscale computer modeling for plasma wakefield acceleration. Chengkun Huang is the author of the simulation tool QuickPIC, which is a large scale parallel Particle-In-Cell code for efficiently modeling beam-plasma and laser-plasma interactions in plasma-based acceleration and also used in studying electron cloud effect of conventional accelerators. He holds a M.S. degree (2003) and a Ph.D. degree (2005) in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and currently works as a postdoctoral scholar in the plasma theory and simulation group at the Physics department of UCLA. He is a member of APS and has a broad interest in computational science, parallel computing and plasma simulations.