Prize Recipient

Recipient Picture

Chinedum O. Osuji
Yale University


"For fundamental insights into block copolymer self-assembly under applied fields."


Prof. Osuji received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University with a senior thesis on the use of random copolymers for polymer interface reinforcement supervised by Prof. Edward J. Kramer. He received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT in 2003 for studies of structure-property relationships and self-assembly of liquid crystalline block copolymers, supervised by Prof. Edwin L. Thomas. After MIT he spent 2 1/2 years as a Senior Scientist at a start-up company, Surface Logix Inc., where he conducted research on the use of soft lithography, microfluidics and surface patterning for fabricating cell-based assays, planar waveguides and other devices. Prof. Osuji conducted post-doctoral work on shear induced structure formation and dynamics of colloidal gels with Prof. David A. Weitz in Applied Physics at Harvard from 2005-2007. In 2007 he joined the faculty at Yale University and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. He leads an experimental research group focused on structure and dynamics of soft matter and complex fluids. Topics of interest include structure-property relationships in ordered soft materials, directed self-assembly of block copolymers and other soft mesophases, and rheology and slow dynamics of disordered systems.

Selection Committee:

Nitash Balsara, Chair; S. Cheong; S. Hudson; R. Vaia; A. Frischknecht; M. Ediger; V. Ganesan; W. Burghardt; K. Winey