Prize Recipient

Christie Chiu
Harvard University


"For exploring the Fermi-Hubbard model with ultracold atoms."


Christie was born in Boulder, CO, and grew up in Bedford, MA, where she attended Bedford Public Schools, developing an interest in STEM from a young age with enthusiastic encouragement from family and teachers. She received her undergraduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Physics and Applied Mathematics in 2013. Her bachelor's thesis focuses on measurements taken for the development of the neutrino detector MicroBooNE, performed in the group of Janet Conrad. Christie's graduate work was completed on Markus Greiner's Fermi gas microscopy team, supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. During this time, the team demonstrated site-resolved resolution of fermionic Lithium atoms and fermionic Mott insulators, developed a measurement of the spin correlation function, created and imaged Hubbard antiferromagnets, and explored new techniques for realizing colder-temperature many-body states and for evaluating candidate microscopic theories for the doped Hubbard model. After receiving her Ph.D. in May 2019, Christie joined Andrew Houck's group as a Princeton Materials Science Postdoctoral Fellow to pursue quantum simulation with superconducting circuits.


Selection Committee:

2020 Selection Committee Members: Susanne Yelin (Chair), David Moore, Dylan Yost, Scott Bergeson, Virginia Lorenz, Steven Olmschenk