Prize Recipient

Recipient Picture

Craig M. Tarver
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


"For theoretical advancement of the understanding of shock-driven reactions and detonation in condensed phase explosives."


Craig Tarver received a B. S. degree in Chemistry from Clarkson University in 1968. He received a Ph. D. in Chemistry from The Johns Hopkins University in 1973. He was a captain in the U. S. Army reserves. Craig was employed by SRI International from 1973 to 1976 as a chemist. He then was employed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from 1976 to 2020 as a theoretical chemist. His main research interests involve modeling chemical reaction rates in energetic materials. His main research areas are: detonation (non-equilibrium ZND theory); shock initiation (Ignition and Growth and Statistical Hot Spot models); thermal decomposition and explosion (multiple reaction chemical kinetic models); deflagration to detonation transition; impact ignition; and equations of state. Craig has been a member of the Topical Group for the Shock Compression of Condensed Matter since its establishment and served as its chairman in 2001. He was named an APS Fellow in 2004.

Selection Committee:

Ivan Oleynik (chair), Tom Duffy, Marcia Cooper, Nir Goldman, George (Rusty) Gray