Prize Recipient

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Donald G. Truhlar
University of Minnesota


"For extraordinarily broad and seminal advances in chemical kinetics, dynamics, and spectroscopy through pioneering and incisive work in the development and application of variational transition state theory, electronic structure calculations, and quantum mechanical scattering methods."


Donald G. Truhlar received a B.A. in chemistry from St. Mary`s College in Winona, Minnesota in 1965 and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Caltech in 1970. In 1969 he joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota, where he is currently Regents Professor of Chemistry. His research is focused on theoretical and computational chemical dynamics and quantum mechanics with applications to scattering, thermochemistry, combustion, photochemistry, energy transfer, atmospheric chemistry and the aqueous environment, solvation, catalysis, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, neuroscience, nanoparticles, and electrochemistry. He received the ACS Award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, ACS Peter Debye Award for Physical Chemistry, ACS Minnesota Award, NAS Award for Scientific Reviewing, Schrodinger medal of WATOC, Dudley R. Herschbach Award for Molecular Collision Dynamics, RSC Chemical Dynamics Award, Lise Meitner Lectureship Award, Distinguished Alumnus Award of St. Mary's University of Minnesota, and Doctor honoris causa of Technical University of Lodz. His papers have been cited over 100,000 times (h-index 140).

Selection Committee:

Timothy Minton, (Chair); Roseanne Sension; Majed Chergui; Amy Mullin; Gilbert Nathanson