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Elizabeth Jane Beise
University of Maryland


"For important and challenging electron scattering studies of the structure of the nucleon and few-nucleon systems, and her outstanding experimental skills and leadership ability in all phases of these studies."


Dr. Beise received her BA in Physics in 1981 from Carleton College and her Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics from M.I.T. in 1988. She spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow and two additional years as a Senior Research Fellow in the Kellogg Radiation Laboratory at Caltech where she became interested in parity violation. In 1993 she joined the faculty at the University of Maryland where she is an Associate Professor of Physics.

Dr. Beise's research interests currently focus on using electron scattering to help elucidate the structure of the nucleon and light nuclei through the use of parity violation and polarization observables. She is engaged in experiments at the MIT-Bates and Jefferson laboratories which use parity violating elastic scattering to identify strange quark contributions to nucleon structure. She also is presently involved in an international collaboration to study deuteron electromagnetic properties through measurement of the deuteron's tensor polarization in elastic e-d scattering.

In 1994, Dr. Beise received an National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award and the Peter T. Demos Award for a Ph.D. thesis from the MIT-Bates Accelerator Center in 1988. She has served on the APS Division of Nuclear Physics executive board from 1994 - 1996, and has chaired the Jefferson Laboratory User's Group Board of Directors.

Selection Committee:

Anne Kernan (Chair), C Denise Caldwell, Marjorie A Olmstead ('96 Recipient), Michael S Turner (Vice Chair), Martha Redi