Prize Recipient

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F. Bary Malik
Southern Illinois University


"For his extensive contributions to developing physics and inspiring physicists in emerging nations through insightful personal collaboration, continuing education of graduate students, creation of research centers and groups in developing countries, organization of international meetings and attracting resources in the USA and internationally to sustain all these activities for over thirty years."


B.Sc (1953), Calcutta University, M.Sc. (1955) Dhaka Univ., Ph.D.(1958) Göttingen Univ., (1958) Dissertation Advisor: Werner Heisenberg, Post-doc (1960-63): Princeton, Assistant Prof. (1964-68): Yale, Associate and Full Prof. (1968-82): Indiana Univ. at Bloomington, Full Prof.: 1982-2004 (chair 1980-85), Prof. and Distinguished Scholar (2004), Research Prof. (2005-date): So. Illinois Univ. at Carbondale (SIUC). Over 200 journal articles, one book, 5 books edited. Extensive investigations in relativistic effects in atomic processes, theory of nuclear fission, the role of rotational-particle in nuclear spectra, nuclear reaction, physical processes in strongly correlated systems and variational method in quantum physics. Honorary Prof. Northeast Normal University, China, Washington Univ. St. Louis, Outstanding scholar at SIUC, Fulbright scholar, Finland, NASA ASEE fellow, visiting professor at many major universities of Europe, Asia and Australia. Consultant of many national labs. Advisor to Bangladesh Government on higher education and UNESCO to establish international institute of applied and theoretical physics in Iowa. Member, international advisory committee on international workshop on condensed matter theories (1985-date) and the editorial board of annual series, Condensed Matter Theories. Member, American Physical Society, Fellow, Bangladesh Academy of Sciences.

Selection Committee:

Henry Glyde (Chair), Annick Suzor-Weiner, Steven Manson (05 Recipient), Jerry Draayer (Vice Chair), Gary Steigman