Prize Recipient

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Fazle Hussain
University of Houston


"For his careful and skillful experiments and interpretative concepts concerning important structures in turbulence and vortex dynamics, for his new turbulence measurement techniques, and for provoking his students and colleagues to think in fresh ways about turbulence."


Dr. Hussain obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in 1963 and worked there as a lecturer. He moved to Stanford University as a Fulbright Scholar and obtained his M.S. in 1966 and his Ph.D. from Stanford in 1969. He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University before moving to the University of Houston in 1971. He is now the Cullen Distinguished Professor at the University of Houston.

Dr. Hussain's research has been in the areas of transition and turbulence phenomena and their control in jets and shear layers, vortex dynamics and reconnection, coherent structure/turbulence coupling, and measurement techniques including holographic velocimetry. His current interests include turbulent boundary layer structure, chaos control in open flows and swirling flows.

Dr. Hussain is a Fellow of the APS and ASME and an Associate Fellow of AIAA and the Third World Academy of Science. He was awarded the Eckhart Prize for Outstanding Ph.D. dissertation in 1971, the Engineering College's Research Award in 1978 and the University's Senior Research Award in 1985. He was named Freeman Scholar by ASME in 1984. He has served on the editorial board of Physics of Fluids (1981 - 1984), Journal of Fluids Engineering (1995 - 1998).

Selection Committee:

James Martin Wallace (Chair), Daniel D Joseph, Parviz Moin ('96 Recipient), Elaine S Oran (Vice Chair), Donald O Rockwell